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The Spaniards arrived in the area of Quito in 1534, and the Colonial rule lasted until 1822. During that time many large estates -or Haciendas- were established in the Andean region, privileged as it is by a year-round spring-like weather and by the fertility of its soil. Colonial-style manor houses were built in some of those estates, and simpler, country-style, but equally as beautiful houses were built in other ones.

Some of those estates are no longer large, but many of the houses remain. And in a few cases the properties now welcome guests who cannot only enjoy the beauty and the atmosphere of those Haciendas, but also be invited (by the Haciendas' owners) to a direct immersion into typical Ecuadorian lifestyle.

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Guests' comments

Hacienda Chillo-Jijón is the top-most lodging choice in the country, and a perfect home base to visit Quito and its vicinity: the Colonial city with its baroque gilded churches and its museums, the Indian Markets, the Andean region and its mountain villages, and much more. Located right on the city limits, the Hacienda offers tranquility and a polution-free home base for your stay in Ecuador.

*** Travel Programmes in Andean Haciendas ***

Andean Haciendas can make your visit to Ecuador be particularly enjoyable.

  • An unforgettable stay in a delightful place to enjoy the Hacienda's life and amenities, and to visit the area of the country where it's located. (Please see below)

  • Full 8 or 11 days programmes using the Haciendas as home-bases to visit Quito (by itself worth a journey), the Indian Markets, the Mt. Cotopaxi National Park, and the Andean region with its "avenue of the volcanoes" and colorful mountain villages.
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For travel in Ecuador, make Hacienda Chillo-Jijón your home base to visit Quito, the Andean region and the rest of the country,
including the Galapagos and the Amazon jungle.
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