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he only thing predictable about Ecuador's weather is its unpredictability, and it's not uncommon to run the gamut of 'seasons' in the course of a single day. Generally speaking, Ecuador has two seasons, wet and dry, but local weather patterns vary greatly depending on geography.

The mainland coastal areas and the Galápagos Islands are both influenced by ocean currents and are hot and rainy between January and April with strong and bright sunshine in the morning hours.

If you hit the beaches between May and December, it rarely rains and the temperature is a few degrees cooler. In the highlands, the dry season is between June and September and around Christmas, but even the mountains' wet season isn't particularly wet. The central valley is generally spring-like all year, with temperatures ranging between 15°C (59°F) and 24°C (75°F). The Oriente experiences rain year round; July and August are the wettest months, September through December the driest. It's usually as hot here as it is on the coast.

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