The following information intends to address the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding Weddings and related programs at Hacienda Chillo-Jijón in particular, and in Ecuador in general.

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Weddings and other events can include the Ceremony as well as a Reception at Hacienda Chillo-Jijón.
Lodging at the Hacienda itself can be secured for a maximum of 20 guests (10 rooms).
Deluxe Honeymoon and travel programs can be arranged for newlyweds, families and friends.

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  • The Hacienda's Church is only available for Roman Catholic ceremonies.

  • Civil or other types of ceremonies can be performed at the Hacienda, but not in the Church.

  • For legally valid CIVIL weddings, Ecuador's law imposes certain conditions if BOTH bride and bridegroom are non-Ecuadorian citizens and neither party is a legal resident in the country: there is a relatively lengthy minimum stay in Ecuador and both parties need a special Visa. Please write for further details, or –better even- consult with the nearest Ecuadorian Consulate Office.

  • For Roman Catholic religious wedding ceremonies, and unless the couple to be married is going to stay in Ecuador for a substantial amount of time, the preferred procedure is to make all the arrangements at the hometown's Roman Catholic Parish, so that the marriage will actually be registered there. After fulfilling all the requirements at the local Parish, ask the Pastor to send a request to our Parish for the physical ceremony to be performed in Ecuador.

  • For religious ceremonies of other denominations, please consult with the appropriate local religious authorities.

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  • Engagements, Vows's Renewals, anniversary ceremonies and celebrations do not have any legal –civil or religious- requirements and can be arranged to suit the interested parties' preferences.

  • This includes both religious and non-religious events. May or may not include a Reception or party as part of the event.

  • In the case of a Roman Catholic ceremony for Vows' Renewal or Anniversary celebration, a special Mass can be arranged in the Hacienda's Church.

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  • For parties involved in ceremonies or receptions at the Hacienda, or for guests staying with us, Hacienda Chillo-Jijón is delighted to make all the arrangements necessary for Honeymoon programs and trips, as well as for side-trips organized for family and friends visiting Ecuador on occasion of the Wedding or Celebration.

  • Programs may include, among other options, visits to Quito (a World Heritage Colonial City), Andean Indian markets, Ecuadorian National Parks (amongst some of the highest and more spectacular active volcanoes in the World) , the Amazon Jungle, and –of course- the famous Galapagos Islands.

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  • Hacienda Chillo-Jijón caters for lodging guests in the superb style of its own tradition. There are 10 suits / rooms, for a maximum of 20 guests. For information on lodging at Hacienda Chillo-Jijón, please visit our Home Page at: