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To travel in Ecuador is a unique experience: Colonial Haciendas, Indian villages and markets, snow covered volcanoes, the 16th century city of Quito, and of course the Galapagos Islands, all in the country with the greatest biodiversity on Earth.

"Rich with geographic, cultural, biological, agricultural, and academic diversity, Ecuador is a country ripe with opportunities for visitors, whether for pleasure, for study, or for business.... Ecuador is safe, inexpensive, beautiful, and fully accessible.... Cities are urban and sophisticated, while country towns, on the coast, in the mountains, and in the rainforest, retain their historical charm and rhythm. Ecuador is a fantastic example of Andean Latin America in a small, accessible, and safe package...."

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Deluxe lodging in the outskirts of Quito:
Hacienda Chillo-Jijón

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Ecuador Explorer

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General Information:

Ecuador offers in its small territory the most amazing variety of attractions: beautiful landscapes, the greatest bio-diversity on earth...


About 3000 years before Christ, tribes that inhabited...   During the 15th Century, the Inca Empire was expanding from Cuzco when Spanish conqueror Francisco Pizarro ambushed the Emperor and started the Spanish Colonial rule that lasted for almost 300 years.
In elections held at the end of 2002, Lucio Gutierrez, a former army Colonel who was involved in the uprisings of January 2000, was elected President and took over in January 2003.



The country can be divided into four regions: the western coastal lowlands, the central Andean highlands, the eastern jungles of the Amazon basin and - some 1000km (620mi) west of the mainland - the Galápagos Islands.
Close to Quito, Mt. Cotopaxi is the tallest active volcano in the world at 5910m (19,390ft). Colonial cities, small Andean villages and dozens of Indian Markets give this region its unique cultural heritage. The "Mother Jungle" is home to the last free-roaming animals. And the Galapagos were declared a World Natural Heritage.

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The only thing predictable about Ecuador's weather is its unpredictability, and it's not uncommon to run the gamut of 'seasons' in the course of a single day. Generally speaking, Ecuador has two seasons, wet and dry, but local weather patterns vary greatly depending on geography. The coast and the Amazon regions are generally warm, while the Andean region enjoys year-round spring-like weather.


Ecuadorian Culture:

Culture is one of Ecuador's most outstanding assets. It has been -and still is- a melting pot of cultural influences; of the old and the new; of the indigenous, Spanish, European and modern world cultures. Every town, and in fact every corner of the Country, is a jewel of folklore, art and tradition. Many museums maintain fine collections of pre-Columbian, Colonial, Republican and modern art, but the permanent interaction of cultures can be seen everywhere on the street.

Tips for Travelers:

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Latatco Tours: Ecuador

Latatco Tours: Ecuador
Hacienda Chillo-Jijón


Hacienda Chillo-Jijón
Quito,  Ecuador

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